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« Construction is a very short time in the life of the building. However, as with the conception of our children, it is the key moment of DNA transmission for this organism that will be born to live.

We should therefore abandon the paradigm that a building is an inert mass, and instead consider it as a living and agile organism, in symbiosis and in perpetual evolution with its occupants.

Instead of creating a finished design object, the aim is to create living, evolving living spaces that are capable of being and remaining positive for citizens, for society and for the planet. »

News :

Architecture4Future competed for the Territorial Innovation Prize, Lifestyle - Leisure and Solidarity category, as part of its participation in the 2021 Salon des Maires.


After more than two years of R&D, we present to you our “Eco-Loger” concept, which offers in practice all the qualities of an eco-district, without enduring its drawbacks. This model requires land of approximately 3500m2 for around twenty homes for homeownership or rental. This type of operation can be public, private or mixed, in this way a quarter of the accommodation can be under agreement. These accommodations, ranging from studios for young workers to intergenerational shared accommodation while passing through T3 convertible into T5, make it possible to follow the residential course of the inhabitants and thus to offer generational diversity in the operation. These affordable and intergenerational housing aims at an active and framed neighborhood around a multipurpose Third Place. The shared areas are managed by a local association open to the neighborhood which offers an extra bedroom, recycling center, laundry room, horticultural greenhouse, workshops, fitness trail, shared car, etc.

With its photovoltaic farm on the roof offering nearly 1000m2 of photovoltaic surface, the operation is getting closer to energy autonomy. At a time of the energy crisis, this model is an ecologically and economically sustainable alternative for both the city and its inhabitants. In addition, a large part of the land has been returned to nature in the form of private gardens, a large common areas and family and participatory vegetable gardens.

Desirable and affordable Eco-housing puts citizens at the heart of the system and helps preserve their purchasing power while encouraging their power to act. This type of operation should allow elected officials from small and medium-sized towns to inaugurate it during the current mandate.

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