In our approach sobriety emerges as a central notion, guiding each of our design decisions. We highlight simplicity and efficiency, eliminating everything superfluous to create clean and functional spaces. This sobriety translates into an architectural language stripped of any gesticulation, favoring clean lines and simple forms that testify to a timeless elegance. It also extends to a thoughtful and responsible use of resources. We consider reuse as an essential pillar of our approach, in perfect harmony with our quest for simplicity and efficiency.

Combined with a «low-tech» approach focused on technical quality, our approach is based on simple and accessible solutions that value the essential and eliminate the superfluous. We favour sustainable materials, carefully selected for their intrinsic quality and ability to age. Sobriety is also expressed through a sparing use of space, promoting a rational and efficient organization that maximizes every available square meter. We seek to avoid waste, offering compact and multifunctional solutions that meet the needs of occupants.

Reuse allows responsible resource management and more environmentally friendly construction. By reducing reliance on complex technologies and promoting the wise use of materials, we help create more spaces. Autonomous and sustainable for future generations. We promote a responsible approach that goes beyond aesthetics, encouraging collective reflection on how to design and use space. This preserves our heritage and contributes to building a more sustainable and resilient environment. We favor the use of renewable energy sources and the ecological management of resources (recovery of rainwater) in order to minimize our footprint and promote a harmonious coexistence between built and natural environment.  

With a focus on simplicity, efficiency and sustainability, we work to create authentic and timeless living spaces that meet the needs of current occupants and preserve the planet for future generations.

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We privilege in our design

                        An architectural language without gesticulation 

                        A «low-tech» approach, combined with high technical quality

                        The reconversion of buildings, the reuse of materials

To allow

                        Building control by users for routine maintenance, renovations, etc.

                        Greater building autonomy for essential functions: circulation, light, 

air and heating

                        A compensation of the private surface economy by sharing surfaces 

(bedroom, guest office, garden, greenhouse, workshop, laundry, etc.) 

                        Control of initial investment and expenses