We place the plant at the heart of our conception, as a primordial and inspiring notion. This vision transforms our buildings into living ecosystems, where nature merges with architecture to create harmonious and sustainable spaces. 

Each architectural element is designed to welcome and enhance the plant. From plant walls to green roofs, hanging gardens and green courtyards, we integrate plants at all scales of our design. This adds an n-unique aesthetic and sensory dimension to the spaces, but it also helps to regulate the indoor climate, improve air quality and ) promote urban biodiversity. We aspire to create spaces that evolve with the seasons, offering a changing visual and sensory experience. These shades are an integral part of our architectural palette adding a touch of dynamism to our creations.

The integration of plants in architecture allows to create islands of freshness mitigating the effects of the urban heat island and offers relaxation areas combining conviviality and sharing. The presence of vegetation reduces the risk of flooding by promoting the infiltration of rainwater into the soil. It encourages urban biodiversity by offering inhabitants for a multitude of plant and animal species that promotes the harmonious coexistence between man and nature in the heart of our cities.  The plant is celebrated as an essential element, by integrating it into our architecture, we create living and inspiring spaces, where each element contributes to create a more sustainable and harmonious environment for all.

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We privilege in our design 

                       An architecture enriched by the seasons

                       A maximum of low-tech vegan surfaces

                       Greater permeability of the soil

To allow

                       Generate islands of freshness and more pleasant felt temperatures 

                       To increase urban biodiversity

                       Recover and manage in-situ stormwater

                       To obtain positive effects for well-being and health 

                       To increase the visual, olfactory qualities and the feeling of intimacy 

                       To democratize urban agriculture

                       To obtain positive effects for purchasing power