We attach fundamental importance to citizenship, placing the needs and aspirations of the community at the heart of our approach. We conceive our urban spaces as places of life where each individual is not only an inhabitant, but also an active citizen and engaged in the life of his neighborhood and his city.

By promoting the creation of meeting and sharing places, we encourage active citizen participation, where residents come together to discuss, exchange ideas and collaborate on common projects. These spaces become places of democratic exchange and debate, where everyone can express their opinions, concerns and aspirations, helping to shape the future of their community together.  Our «Third Places» embody this civic vision by offering spaces open to all, where residents can meet, share knowledge and collaborate on local initiatives. These places become points of convergence where different generations meet and collaborate on social, cultural and environmental projects, thus strengthening the social fabric and community cohesion. 

Dessin : V. Limonne

By promoting the pooling of resources and spaces, we also encourage participatory and responsible management of our urban environment. Initiatives such as community gardens, co-working spaces and shared workshops allow residents to be actively involved in the management and maintenance of their neighbourhood, fostering a greater sense of responsibility and community.  By integrating these principles into our architectural design, we aim to promote an active and engaged citizenship, where each individual feels invested in the city and contributes to its sustainable development. By strengthening social ties, promoting citizen participation and encouraging collaboration among residents, we aspire to create inclusive and resilient urban environments where everyone can thrive and contribute to building a better future.

We privilege in our design

                        Places to meet, share and share 

                        The passage of the consumer towards the actor of the places of life

To allow

                        To facilitate an active neighbourhood and a good «living together»

                        To make mutual aid more natural and facilitate the transmission of knowledge

                        Increase a sense of security at all ages

                        Pooling spaces (Third Places, fitness, resourcing, DIY) 

                        Maintain the health of users and avoid situations of loneliness 

                        Reduce current costs and increase purchasing power

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