grünboX, these are flexible buildings with pre-programmed conversion functions. Patrick Rheinert is the founder of the office "architecture4future" in the metropolis of Lyon. He has been working on concepts for sustainable development in housing for 30 years.


Patrick Stefan Rheinert


Agence Rheinert/

Oxygen Architecture



floor area

535 m2


850k €



The project is an extension of the grünboX prototype. Thus 13 office lots are created within three eco-responsible buildings. The innovative concept lies in the convertibility of the building from housing to offices / offices to housing. The aim is to anticipate the future life of the building and to offer the buyer a property product that is suitable for both the business and residential property markets. The objective of this building is to promote the well-being of users by placing people at the centre of the project. To achieve this goal, convivial spaces have been created: green terraces, shared spaces, large green areas, respect for the existing vegetation.

sas d’architecture à 4.444€

75 Rue Victor Faugier 

38200 - VIENNE